Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 This June 5-8 i got to be a camp counselor at Camp Cedaredge with a great group of kids from my church. I was co-counselor with Naomi who is a really good friend.  We had so much fun!!! this was my first year being a counselor and i loved every minute of it, even though we had cold showers, really uncomfortable beds, and a very busy week we never seemed to get a break, it was so fun and i would do it again in a heart beat.  


Me and Naomi 

Group picture! These are all of the girls in are room.
                 There where 8 girls in are room all of them were 5th or 6th graders. We bought them all matching bright green bandannas,they were a huge hit.   

                    The theme this year was Transformed, so we decorated are room with Caterpillar and butterflies. 

we made each girl a butterfly with her name on it and put them all on the door. 

Each year they divided the whole camp into four teams: Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow. This year are whole church group and another group was on the blue team. And Blue team kicked butt, we got CAMP CHAMPS!! Really all you get is some ice cream, a t-shirt and bragging rights!! 

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