Friday, June 29, 2012

Our Beautiful Colorado is on Fire!

Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs:  
9News:    Fire officials said Friday morning the 16,750-acre fire is 15 percent contained and crews made "significant progress." On Tuesday, it was only 6,200 acres
   The Waldo Canyon Fire forced more than 32,000 people out of their homes and destroyed structures on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday morning, crews tried to prevent the fire from moving northeast and east.
Waldo Canyon Fire officials announced Friday that 347 homes were lost on 34 city streets based on a preliminary assessment.
   9News: The Pine Ridge Fire burning near De Beque has prompted the evacuation of several residents in the area and remains only 5 percent contained As of 7:30 a.m. on Friday, one lane of I-70 was open in both directions through De Beque Canyon.According to officials, the 12,047-acre fire is in the path of 35 gas well pads. Operators have shut-in the wells so they can no longer produce oil and gas. At least 50 residents have been asked to leave their homes.The evacuation area includes south of S 1/2 Road. The fire was sparked by a lightning strike Wednesday afternoon west of 45.5 Road and east of I-70.

This is what i see from my house, 
 I live in Grand Junction which is about 45 minutes from De Beque, and this morning the whole valley was filled with smoke, you could smell the smoke. 

I only mentioned a few of the many fires  in Colorado and there are many more across the country.  I ask that you would join with me in prayer for all the people affected by all these fires and to pray for rain! It is so dry this year we need lots of rain. 

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