Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Hello, welcome to my blog. This is a blog that follows my day to day life and all of the adventures that come with it. 
  I live in Grand Junction Colorado,and i am 16 years old  and i am going to be a senior in High School!  i was born and raised in Grand Junction and it is pretty much all i know, but one day i hope to travel the world. 
     I am an amateur photographer and i am a self taught knitter and i love to READ. but i also  want to try new things  and do things i have never done before.  
      I hope that you enjoy the story of my life and i hope you will continue to come back and read my blog. I would love to here from each and every one of you. i am still young and i know that i still have much to learn, and maybe i can learn something from you. 

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