Friday, July 6, 2012


 Ah summer,  last month was so hot! But this week and last week have been so nice, the monsoon is finally here and it is so nice and cool and cloudy. And this is when i truly start to love summer. This morning was so beautiful, i had to go out and take pictures. 

This is little rue, we named him little rue because we have another older rooster and he looks the same but he is a lot bigger,he is just rue  so this one is little rue.  

The other rooster would always pick on little rue so he jumped the fences of the chicken yard with his girl and now they roam the yard.  

The Robin, we have so many in our yard, and i love robins, my moms name is even Robyn. 

                                            Lavender, it smells so good. 


My cat Tiger, yes he is very fat but very lovable, must of the time. He always seem to show up when I am taking pictures, i think he like his picture taken.


  1. Tiger likes to get his picture taken because he knows he is beautiful. Just like a cat...

  2. I know Tiger is so funny, he does know that he is beautiful and he wants to share his beauty with the world. HAHA